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AXIOHM, the Architects of your thermal printing solutions:

Recognized worldwide as a leader in thermal printing solutions, AXIOHM keeps on innovating by developing and manufacturing in its facility a large range of thermal printing mechanisms, thermal receipt and label printers, turnkey printing solutions (kiosk printers), electronic boards with embedded firmware and a large range of accessories sold worldwide by its international sales force and distributors. For a complete listing of our office locations and distributors, click here

Inventor of the Clamshell™ design which revolutionized transaction printers, making paper roll loading a snap, Axiohm offers today a sure pledge of quality.
Axiohm controls all of the technologies for its products (micro-electronics, micromechanics, electronics, plastics, software). It has a strong foothold in the various sectors requiring receipt issue terminals, such as gaming/lottery, gas pumps, hospitality/point of sales (POS), Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), Transportation, Weighing scales, in which Axiohm’s products are integrated.


Axiohm proposes a broad range of products with high added value, answering market trends and adapting perfectly to customers’ specific needs.

Axiohm is a strong global leader of customized thermal printer products. To support this leadership role, Axiohm has created a Technical Assistance team that is fully dedicated to our customers’ thermal printing integration efforts. This team offers engineering advice, and design both modifications to existing products, and specialized products as needed.

The implementation of a complete peripheral offering including accessories, consumables as well as maintenance, shows once again Axiohm’s intention of offering its customers the best services.

Axiohm (group TXCOM) is a French company, headquartered in Le Plessis Robinson (92 - France), with a manufacturing plant in Puiseaux (Loiret - France).

Axiohm USA, the company subsidiary is located in South Carolina, USA and ensures a commercial presence for the North American market, where 40% of Axiohm’s sales are earned.